Nippori, our new home

One week ago, we moved to Nippori, Tokyo from the US and started our new life. Our new home is a room in the high-rise apartment next to Nippori station(The building in the center of a photo below).IMG_0018

As soon as we moved here, we liked this area, since this area is close to another area called Yanaka which is famous for Japanese traditional culture. In the center of Yanaka there is a long shopping street, Yanaka-Ginza, with a lot of small shops with traditional stuff.FullSizeRender

For example, a photo below is a Japanese candy shop. On the wall of the shop, they put several paintings featuring famous and traditional temples and shrines in Edo (old name of Tokyo).FullSizeRender (2)

In Yanaka-Ginza, the style for drinking is very casual, too. A photo below is a liquor shop. They sell “Sake” by glass at the entrance of the shop. After purchase customers can enjoy sake sitting on outdoor chairs next to the entrance. And the chairs are actually plastic boxes to be used to deliver sake bottles from the shop to customer’s house!FullSizeRender (3)

And more than all others in this season of late March/early April, Japanese people enjoy cherry blossom in bloom. As of today March 26th, they are 30-40% in bloom in Tokyo. However, those who have short temper have already started gathering under cherry trees and drinking with family and friends all day long.IMG_0026


It’s said that next weekend is the best time to enjoy cherry blossom. We are looking forward to enjoying the flower most loved by Japanese, and also to drinking some sake…

2 thoughts on “Nippori, our new home”

  1. Nippori is my mother’s home town. When I was a child, I used to went to the park to watch a picture‐story show “Kamishibai” at Nippori Minami park. I also go for a walk to Yanaka cemetery with Grand parents’s dogs. Some famous people sleep there. Nippori is one of the most attractive town in Tokyo for me. If will have chances to visit there, I hope to call on you.

    1. Dear Hijiri,

      Thank you very much for your message. We are proud that we live in your mother’s hometown. And I agree that Nippori is one of the most attractive areas in Tokyo. Yanaka cemetery is a good place to walk around. Please call us when you come to Nippori!

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